Conference Call Service

This service makes it possible to have a three-way conversation simultaneously

How it works:

Apply for this service at your nearest Telecentre.


  • Subscriber A calls subscriber B normal call
  • To make the second call subscriber A dial R subscriber C
  • Select (R + digit 2) to exchange the subscriber in conversation with the subscriber on hold. This procedure can be carried out several times.
  • Dial (R + digital 3) to switch to the status of three - party conversation.
  • Note: When the conference connection is activated, all the three subscribers involved received the following voice announcement: "conference call"
  • Dial (R + digital 1) to release the connection in conversation and connect to the one on hold.


  • You can hold a business meeting or have family discussions that necessitate the participation of more than two persons.
  • Save on traveling costs

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